How I got a 100% Digital Marketing Training Scholarship

It is with a great pleasure that I express gratitude to EchoMyke Academy for the opportunity given to me to enjoy a priceless training at no price. I got to know about the scholarship on LinkedIn after a friend registered and then shared the information with his networks which fortunately am part of.

Preparing for the interview was not so tedious. Though I didn't know the form it would take but I tried my best to study the daily lessons sent to my mail. Thanks to the academy for the lessons. They served as a foundation to my knowledge of digital marketing and they also prepared me for the interview.

The interview was not so hard being in a written form and also a derivative of the lessons. After the interview, I was not too sure of what the result would be like because I did not finish the questions. I left somewhat 4 questions out of 25.

My anxiety snowballed when my friend received a mail few days later. He was offered a partial scholarship. I remembered that we were told that if we received any mail, then we should know we had been granted but I didn't when my friend got his.

I didn't know what to do and I knew I needed the training. I felt the need to pray about it which I did and to the glory of God, I got a full scholarship mail the second day.

God be praised and all thanks to EchoMyke Academy. Am grateful!!!

Honawon Noah